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For culture shock Regina gives us the disturbing news of Joshua Brown the man who was a witness in the Amber Guyger trial found dead; NFL Football player Demario Davis is being fined for wearing a head band reading

"Man of God" 

After we get into talking about the 90's Nostalgia fad and how far it has gone. We talked about our favorite 90's nostalgia moments in the recent years , the fashion, and TV shows we want back and TV show we think should be left alone. 

Last but not least, we invited 2 notable designers who have a credible line of work - Ally Thatcher Founder of Fallen Cargo and Andrew White Lead Designer of Bodega and Co-Owner of Trade Pop-Up in Providence, Rhode Island. Listen to how Andrew got his spot designing for New Balance and Ally Thatcher being such a powerful voice in the world of designing and branding. We get into their craft, their passions, their time with Stay Silent, and more. Two designers from New England making a big impact in the culture. 

Pass Me The Aux 
Cristina's Pick of The Week - Rexx Life Raj ft. Russ - "Falling"
Ally's Pick of The Week - Latrell James 
Andrew's Pick of The Week - Brent Faiyaz - "Trust"
Regina's Pick of The Week - Doris Day - "Que Sera, Sera"
Ruben's Pick of The Week - k-os - "Superstarr"

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